What Is Your Staying-Warm Secret?


At this moment, according to Weather.com, it feels like nine degrees outside. Weather like this changes life in the city, convincing many to forgo socialization in the outside world in favor of a warm, albeit boring and lonely, night at home. But even your home may not be an entirely comfortable environment depending on the quality of your apartment’s insulation and your landlord’s thriftiness. And so, just like during summer heat waves, we cope with the extreme temperatures with various habits and tricks. Intel Dan, for example, rests his scalding-hot laptop directly on top of his genitals, destroying his ability to procreate, but it’s totally worth it. Intel Jessica stands next to those things that blow hot air from restaurant kitchens, even though they make her smell like fried food. Intel Nitasha wears her down coat at home up until the very moment she slips into bed. And Intel Chris washes his hands under warm water long enough to convince people near him that he has A Problem. If you have a special strategy for staving off the cold, share it in the comments.