Air Force Barred From Reading New York Times Website


The U.S. Air Force is blocking its personnel from viewing the New York Times website and other major publications that have published information from the cables WikiLeaks leaked. An Air Force rep said the measure is intended to “keep classified material off unclassified computer systems.” Air Force users who try to view the websites of the Times, Guardian, El Pais, Le Monde, or Der Spiegel now get a page that says, “ACCESS DENIED. Internet Usage is Logged & Monitored,” according to a screen shot obtained by The Wall Street Journal. In total, the Air Force said it had blocked more than 25 websites that contained the documents, but the new order doesn’t prevent Air Force personnel from viewing any of the sites on nonmilitary computers. A Times rep called the measure “most unfortunate.”

One senior defense official made perfect sense, noting that the Times website contains other information that the Air Force will now miss out on, and that the WikiLeaks information has already spread all over the Internet, anyway. For example, we doubt Intel is among the 25 blacklisted websites. So, guys, if you’re reading this, click here for all of our WikiLeaks coverage. NSFW, apparently.

Air Force Blocks Media Sites [WSJ via TPM]