Winklevei Twin Uses Windshield Wipers to Explain Why He’s on Facebook


Newsweek thought it was ironic that they managed to track Tyler Winklevoss down on Facebook of all places. But Tyler failed to see the irony, explaining that he and his brother's presence on their nemesis's social network had more to do with their ability to compartmentalize. "If you had a lawsuit against windshield wipers," he reasoned, "you wouldn’t not use windshield wipers." So Tyler Winklevoss thinks Facebook is as vital to life online as windshield wipers are to driving? Is he aware that his lawsuit alleges that Zuckerberg stole his idea for a less-than-vital dating website Harvard elites could use to keep their bloodlines ivy? The windshield wiper analogy is also an ennobling reference to the movie, Flash of Genius, in which inventor Robert Kearns sued the big three automakers for stealing his idea for the windshield wiper. Wait, did the Winklevei think they were the heroes of The Social Network? Regardless of how they were cast, the celluloid treatment seems to have improved their net worth.

Did a lot of girls contact you and your brother after the movie?

[Laughs] Um … uh. We’ve been, uh, we’ve been pretty busy. Uh …I’d prefer not to comment on that. No …I don’t know. Yeah, I’d prefer not to go there. Is this for NEWSWEEK?

No, it's for Penthouse, care to elaborate?

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