Woman Found Dead at Soho House


How’s this for a scenario straight out of Law & Order: Last night around 3 a.m., guests at the posh Soho House in the meatpacking district called 911 to complain that water was leaking through their ceiling. When hotel workers went to investigate the room upstairs, they discovered a woman, fully dressed, lying in the bathtub with the water running. She was dead. According to the Post, no trauma was found on the body, but police are questioning Nicholas Brooks, the man she checked into the hotel with yesterday. Brooks, 24, is the son of Oscar-winning composer Joseph Brooks. The elder Brooks, the Post wants you to remember (it’s noted in their headline), was indicted last year on 62 counts of sex-related charges, including rape. (He’d lure women to his apartment with the promise of jobs in the film industry.) Papa Brooks, who stands accused of abusing eleven women, is best known for having written what eventually became the biggest hit of the seventies: Debbie Boone’s saccharine ballad “You Light Up My Life.”

Not that it’s really related, but if you go look at the lyrics of that uplifting song in light of today’s news, it becomes awfully, awfully dark.

Son of perv composer Joseph Brooks questioned by cops after dead woman is found inside his hotel room [NYP]