50 Cent Backs Away From Shady Investment Tweets, After Watchin’ the Money Pile Up


It might have caught some onlookers at the Consumer Electronics show by surprise to see 50 Cent hawking a brand-new pair of headphones from a publicly listed penny stock distributor called H&H Imports, Inc. But after promoting its goods on CNBC and plugging the company to his 3.8 million Twitter followers, 50 Cent managed to make H&H Imports $50 million in one day, with the stock closing at a 240 percent jump yesterday. Go ahead and switch the style up. And if they hate then let ‘em hate and watch the money pile up. Yesterday the rapper took a step back from the company in which he (and G-Unit Brand) invested $750,000 in shares and warrants in November, after details emerged about the company’s potentially shady financials, especially in the high-risk realm of penny stocks, which trade at a low price and not on major market exchanges. Last year, the company lent $141,000 to “an entity in which our Chairman’s brother is an officer and owner.” It also claimed more than $1.3 million in losses in the last quarter despite short-term working capital loans from its CEO. H&H might not even specialize in headphones. Its Bloomberg profile describes the company as engaging “in the wholesale purchase and sale of women’s handbags.”

After yesterday’s huge jump in stock, the rap mogul tweeted a word of caution to his eager Twitter followers, “I own HNHI stock thoughts on it are my opinion. Talk to financial advisor about it.” Followed shortly by, “HNHI is the right investment for me it may or may not be right for u! Do ur homework.” But hours after the warnings, he continued to retweet bullish followers, who crooned about his taking “the stock market to new heights. Talk about making history again! AND YOU KNOW IT” or being “The man of the century” for having, “Nice business moves &stock investments.” As of about 10 a.m. this morning, the stock is down 20 percent. He, he get money. Even if you lose yours.

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