A Duane Reade With Baby Wipes and a Bar


Sometimes Brooklyn can just be so … Brooklyn. A Duane Reade on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg didn’t want to compete with homegrown pharmacies, so it chose an unorthodox — and completely on-target — way to appeal to the neighborhood’s roving bands of boys in girls’ jeans: beer, and lots of it. Situated directly across from the local King’s pharmacy, the Bedford Avenue Duane Reade now sells beers on tap to customers in refillable glass growlers. CBX Strategic Branding was the baby genius in charge of executing the in-store bar, and feels that the beer and growlers thing brings a “local” flare to the chain. They’ve even named the in-store bar Brew York City — so local! “We’re trying to bring in New York references,” said CBX partner Todd Maute. [NYT]