A Gorilla in England Has Decided That Walking on All Fours Isn’t for Him


Walking on all fours isn’t very convenient for gorillas. It’s hard to carry anything, you don’t get a very good view of your surroundings all hunched over, and your hands get very dirty, which is especially awkward when you run into a colleague and you’re, “Sorry, can’t shake. My hands are covered in all manner of grime. Good to see you, though.” Gorillas may not like knuckle-walking, but they do it anyway, if only to conform to societal norms. But instead of seeing things as they are and asking why, a gorilla named Ambam has dreamed of things that never were and asked, “Why not?”

Ambam, who lives in Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, England, has decided to hell with custom, he’s going to walk around like people, on two legs. The other gorillas think him odd, and snicker at him behind his back*, but such is the price paid by visionaries.

*Actually, they don’t seem to notice or care.

Ambam, the swaggering silverback gorilla who walks around his pen on two legs [Daily Mail UK]