That Was a Very Smart Thing You Just Did There, Amazon


Congratulations, Amazon, you just got us to sign up for Groupon’s competitor. Actually, congratulations to anyone who gets us to sign up for anything at all! Our New Year’s resolution was to opt out. Today, LivingSocial, the deal-a-day site in which Amazon just invested $175 million, offered a $20 gift certificate to Amazon for just $10. More than 550,000 people have signed up with eighteen hours left on the deal, which means LivingSocial just generated over $5.5 million in gross sales in less than half a day, minus whatever chunk of change goes back to its investor, who just guaranteed itself more web traffic. Now to get us to keep using the site, have you considered offering a similar half-off deal on iPads? Just think how much steam you could suck out of Groupon’s IPO then! [Mashable]