Another Horrible Jared Loughner ‘What If?’ to Consider


It was revealed late yesterday that on Saturday, before Jared Loughner carried out his deadly attack at a Tucson Safeway, he had a dramatic run-in with his father:

Loughner's father witnessed his son with a black bag Saturday morning, the day of the shooting, and inquired about what he was doing.

"Jared apparently mumbled something and left hurriedly," [Pima County Sheriff's Operations Bureau Chief Rick] Kastigar said. "The dad attempted to follow, and Jared darted off in the desert (on foot)."

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik told the Associated Press that the father got into his truck and attempted to chase his son.

It turns out the elder Loughner wasn't the only one to cross paths with the soon-to-be mass murderer that day. Loughner was also pulled over by the police. Unfortunately, he must not have been speaking in perplexing syllogisms or making crazy eyes at the time, because there was nothing suspicious about him. Reports the Times:

Police stopped Jared L. Loughner for running a red light several hours before authorities say he opened fire outside a Tucson supermarket Saturday, but the state wildlife officer who made the traffic stop noticed nothing unusual about Mr. Loughner and had no probable cause to search the vehicle, Arizona authorities said Wednesday.

On Saturday at about 7:30 a.m. — some two-and-a-half hours prior to the shooting that left six dead and wounded 14, — the officer pulled over Mr. Loughner, 22, as he drove down an access road several miles from the supermarket. A check of his license and registration turned up no warrants and he was allowed to leave with a warning, officials said.

“The contact was very cordial,” said Jim Paxon, a spokesman for the Arizona Game and Fish Department. “Mr. Loughner was very forthcoming with his license and registration and insurance. The officer did a visual examination of the vehicle. He had no probable cause to search the vehicle or detain the subject.”

There's nothing you can do but sigh.

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