Apple Restricts Employee Vacation Days in Advance of Spankin’ New iProduct


AppleInsider has it on good authority that the company has been quietly restricting some retail employees’ vacation days for three weeks starting later this month, and you know what fully staffed Apple stores means?! Waiting in line for a futuristic-looking iProduct that will revolutionize your life and then seem obsolete and shabby two years hence! Steve Jobs has already achieved his annual goal of upstaging the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas with today’s announcement about the opening of the Mac App Store. (Apple’s beef with CES stems from the fact that any company that can’t make the press hyperventilate just by changing their shop clerks’ schedule is beneath them). The store, which sells apps for your computer the way the App Store sells them for your iPhone, literally pushed Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer’s attempt at a sound bite — “Windows will be everywhere” — from the tech headlines. But since the Mac store is virtual, that can’t necessitate a fully stocked Genius Bar. Experts predict the launch will be a “new tablet computer, on the lines of a giant iPod Touch,”* but we’re still holding out for an iPony.

Apple restricting employee vacations as first 2011 products loom [AppleInsider]

*We forgot what year it was and also that the iPad already came out.