Are Hipsters Crazy for Williamsburg Camel Cigarettes?


Those Williamsburg-themed Camel cigarettes have hit the shelves, and in Wburg itself, they’re reportedly a major hit. “Bodega workers on Bedford and Manhattan avenues said that they’re running out of the neighborhood pack the same day that they’re dropped off,” the Brooklyn Paper reports today. Does this mean that hipsters are actually allowing themselves to succumb to a shameless corporate gimmick? Maybe they’re buying them ironically, or faux ironically — pretending to smoke them ironically while actually thinking the whole Williamsburg theme is pretty cool, deep down inside. We never really know what hipsters are doing. But there’s another variable at play — these Williamsburg Camels are a dollar cheaper than a normal pack. That may or may not be enough incentive for hipsters to sell their souls, but people sometimes forget that there are plenty of working-class non-hipsters who live Williamsburg too, and it’s certainly enough incentive for them.

Smoker’s cough! Our columnist test drives the new ‘Williamsburg’ Camels [Brooklyn Paper]