5,000 Dead Blackbirds Had ‘Hit Something Very Hard’


How and why did 5,000 red-winged blackbirds fall from the sky at once on January 1? It's the question keeping America up at night. A preliminary report released Monday evening said the birds showed evidence of trauma in the breast tissue, with blood clots in the body cavity and a lot of internal bleeding, and likely all died from "massive trauma." Biologist Karen Rowe told CNN that bird trauma is often caused by a lightning strike, heavy storm, or high-altitude hail, although the signs of trauma may have also been caused by the force of hitting the ground. Or they may have gotten startled by something and flown into a house, tree, or each other. But then there's this detail:

Blackbirds do not normally fly at night, and it was not immediately clear what caused the odd behavior.

Oh? Sounds almost like they were running from something. The report continues:

Loud noises were reported shortly before the birds began falling, according to the game and fish commission. "The birds obviously hit something very hard and had hemorrhages," Rowe said.

On Monday, "in a seemingly separate incident," some 500 red-winged blackbirds were found dead in southern Louisiana. So, start your UFO/government cover-up/conspiracy engines now.

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