Can Andrew Cuomo Lay Off More State Workers Than His Dad?


New York State's projected budget deficit has grown to more than $9 billion, and while a 2 percent increase in income taxes would just about close the gap, according to the Times, Governor Andrew Cuomo has promised not to raise taxes. Instead, his proposed budget — expected to be released in early February — will include "large reductions in Medicaid and state education spending" and big cuts in the state workforce. The Buffalo News and Wall Street Journal report that 10,000 to 12,000 jobs could be cut, while the Times puts the number as high as 15,000. However you slice it, it's going to be a lot of people. But will it be a Cuomo family record?

The last time a New York governor ordered so many layoffs was in 1990, when Mario Cuomo vowed to chop 10% of the state's work force through layoffs, attrition and early retirements. He proposed dismissing 10,000 workers, but the ultimate number of layoffs turned out to be thousands fewer.

Not that this is a contest or anything. Although, with the Cuomos — New York has referred to them as having "one of the most complex and competitive father-son relationships in politics" — who knows.

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