Murdered Portuguese Journalist and Alleged Boyfriend Fought Over Sex, Money


A fight broke out between 65-year-old journalist Carlos Castro and 20-year-old Renato Seabra shortly before Castro was murdered at the InterContinental Hotel in Times Square on Friday, according to the New York Post. Seabra, a model and reality-TV star, reportedly told Castro that he was “actually straight and only with him for the money.” A source said, “Castro was a trampoline for [Seabra] to rise in the fashion and social worlds.” According to the Daily News, investigators believe Seabra beat his older lover with a laptop and castrated him with a wine glass after a fight broke out when Castro accused Seabra of stealing cash. A New York City taxi driver who picked Seabra up at the InterContinental and dropped him off at a hospital called 911, after seeing Seabra’s photo in a newscast. Seabra is currently in police custody and under sedation at Bellevue Hospital.

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