Chuck Todd Can’t Bring Himself to Compare Two Black People for Being Black


Goateed political sage Chuck Todd and his fellow First Read flunkies make some good observations today on how the Republican presidential field of 2012 is like the Democratic field in 2004, although maybe they're not being totally up front with the last comparison:

Shades of 2004? While it’s still very early, and we don’t yet know who’ll actually run, the potential GOP presidential field right now looks very similar to the Democratic one that lined up against George W. Bush in 2004. Consider: Mitt Romney is John Kerry (the early front-runner from Massachusetts who looks the part but is viewed negatively as a flip-flopper); John Thune is John Edwards (the good-looking young senator who’s better known for winning a Senate race than the legislation he’s produced); Sarah Palin is Joe Lieberman (the ex-VP nominee who’s not trusted by some in the party); Newt Gingrich is Dick Gephardt (the nationally known former House leader); Haley Barbour and Mitch Daniels are Bob Graham (the respected grown-up who’s viewed more enthusiastically by the elites than the base); and Herman Cain is Al Sharpton (the long-shot who grabs headlines).

Sure, that's why Herman Cain is Al Sharpton.

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