College Student Sues Hooker in What Could Be Landmark Case


Hubert Blackman, a college student here in New York, went to Vegas and, as one does, got a little wasted and ordered a prostitute to come up to his room. According to him, the woman performed a lap dance for $155 and “a sex act” for another $120. But then, instead of staying for the agreed-upon hour, she left after just 30 minutes. The next morning, Blackman, hungover and dissatisfied, called the agency to complain. When they refused to give him a refund, he tried the police, who much to his amazement told him that prostitution was actually illegal in Vegas and thus they couldn’t help him. They referred him to the Better Business Bureau. But Blackman, who by this time was feeling dissatisfied, cheated, dirty and had unexplained “medical condition,” related to the event, felt he needed to go further. He filed suit against the escort service.

It’s unclear if this suit, which Blackman filed sans lawyer, will actually make it into court. But if it does, the impact on the legal system could be huge. Think of all the men who are affected by blue balls each year and have hence had no legal recourse! Here’s hoping they set a statute of limitations.

Las Vegas tourist sues for refund after sex act led to ‘tragic’ arrest threat [via NYDN]