Columbia University Inundated With Applications From Barely Motivated Students


Applications to Columbia University surged an astounding 32 percent this year, according to new data. What did Columbia do to attract such an influx of prospective students?

School officials and other experts attributed much of the increase to Columbia's recent embrace of the "common application," which allows seniors to fill out just one college-application form and send it to any of more than 400 participating schools with the click of a mouse.

Before Columbia began accepting the common application last year -- becoming the last of the Ivy League schools to do so -- interested students had to write additional essays and fill out extra forms to apply.

Congrats, Columbia — now you get to sift through the applications of 10,000 high school students who are only interested in attending your esteemed institution if it doesn't involve completing some extra paperwork. Real go-getters, that bunch.

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