Countess LuAnn’s Daughter Appears to Roll Joint on YouTube, Ramona Singer Re-Tweets


Victoria de Lesseps, the preppy (and seemingly bright) 16-year-old daughter of Real Housewives of New York star Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, probably has a lot of pressure on her to behave properly. Her mother wrote an etiquette book called Class With the Countess, after all. (And we have a vague memory of LuAnn forcing her daughter’s friends through an “etiquette party” for Victoria’s birthday, but that may have been a hallucination.) So it’s perhaps no wonder that in her spare time, off camera, she likes to goof off. Like in a just-posted YouTube clip, in which she and a friend loopily tease another classmate (or teacher) over their computers. Unfortunately, video-chatting isn’t technically “off camera,” and as a result, Victoria using the word nigga and rolling what appears to be a joint are on display now for the world to see. (It may be a hand-rolled cigarette, but judging from the way they talk about it, that doesn’t seem likely.) At least, it’s on display until her mom gets the culprit to take it down. In the meantime, just so that the maximum number of people see it, LuAnn’s castmate Ramona Singer has RT’ed the link. Yay! Can’t wait for this next season, bitches!