Maybe Someone Should Have Wondered Why That Stripper/Doctor Needed Thousands and Thousands of Adderall Pills


Pauline Wiltshire seemed like she was buckling down and moving on with her life. Once a stripper, she had turned into a med-school student and was dating Dr. Michael Gabriel, an anesthesiology resident at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn. She was on track. She was determined. She was focused. See, that’s why nobody raised an eyebrow that Gabriel was prescribing her Adderall. She needed it, right? It was helping her. It was helping her so much that she needed all those pills he was giving her! Or so they thought.

Turns out, cops say Wiltshire, Wiltshire’s sister, and Gabriel were involved in a simplistic drug-and-prescription-selling scheme over the Internet. Between May 2008 and April 2010, they allegedly sold over 11,000 Adderalls. Most of which had been prescribed … to Pauline Wiltshire.

Okay, so even if we’re counting “most” as, say, 6,000 pills, that’s something like sixteen pills a day over two years. Surely one of Gabriel’s colleagues should have raised a comment about this? Even if it was simply: “Damn, your girlfriend must never shut up, dude.”

B’klyn yuppie ‘pills ring’ nailed [NYP]