Daniel Hernandez: In Praise of the Intern


While President Obama may have gotten some of the biggest cheers during Wednesday night’s University of Arizona memorial service, Daniel Hernandez Jr. certainly had his moment, too. Hernandez is one of Gabrielle Giffords’s unpaid interns — and the guy who first ran to Giffords’s aid. A student at the University of Arizona, Hernandez had been Giffords’s intern for less than a week when Saturday’s shooting occurred. He was called a hero for his life-saving actions, but rejected the term, noting that “I must humbly reject the use of the word ‘hero,’ because I am not one. The real heroes are the people who have dedicated their lives,” he said “They are the people who we should be honoring.” Obama disagreed, chiding Hernandez for his humility. “You are a hero,” he said. Let’s hope this leads to a paying gig. [Politico]