The Davos Mistress’s Dilemma


There might be the odd female economist, academic, CEO, or journalist, but overall, women at the World Economic Forum in Davos fall into three categories, Anya Schiffrin observes over at Reuters. There are Wives, of which Schiffrin, who is married to economist Joseph Stiglitz, is one; the “skinny and beautifully dressed” Mistresses; and the lowest on the food chain, the Aspiring Mistresses, who aren’t technically invited to the conference but “book a hotel room and prowl the streets hoping to snare their prey.” The Aspiring Mistress is the “worst enemy of the Mistress,” but they’re not her biggest problem. Oddly, the fact that she’s hoping to bone down with one of the grown-up nerds with gargantuan egos and chips on their shoulders that attend the conference isn’t the Mistress’s biggest problem, either.

It really is true: There’s no problem a gay man can’t solve.

Jealous Davos Mistresses