Elaine Kaufman Wanted Her Ashes Spread Over Second Avenue


Elaine Kaufman directed in her will that her ashes be scattered on Second Avenue, the location of her beloved eatery Elaine’s, the Post reports today. She wrote in her last will and testament: “It is my desire that, upon my death, my body be cremated … I direct that my ashes be spread over Second Avenue of New York City.” The request “is illegal under health-code law,” Herbert Nass, a probate attorney, said. “You can’t just take someone’s ashes and spread them willy-nilly. They might either spread them discreetly on Second Avenue in the middle of the night, or stick to the law.” But, the request displays an incredible love for New York City.

Elaine: Toss my ash on Ave. [Page Six/NYP]
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