Explosion Kills 35 People at Moscow Airport [Updated]


An explosion this morning inside the Moscow-area Domodedovo Airport killed 31 people and injured 130, according to the Russian government. “The noise was, literally, it shook you,” a British citizen at the airport tells BBC News. The blast may have been caused by a suicide bomber, according to reports. Chechens have been carrying out suicide bombings in Russia for years, although the culprits in this particular incident have yet to be identified. [CNN, MSNBC, BBC]

Update: Here’s some footage taken shortly after the attack, via ABC News. Warning: If you don’t feel like seeing dead bodies, don’t watch:

Update II: Here’s something you don’t see in America. According to the Times, Russian president Dmitri Medvedev, in televised remarks, “admonished officials for their failure to prevent the attack.”

Update III: Russian TV has increased the death toll to 35. President Obama is calling the incident “an outrageous act of terrorism against the Russian people.”