Facebook Co-founder Eduardo Saverin Went Start-up Shopping


Eduardo Saverin, the doe-eyed early investor that Zuckerberg forced out of Facebook, just led an $8 million series A round in a start-up called Qwiki that combines text, photos, and audio to assemble visual guides to millions of topics. As the Qwiki’s co-founder Doug Imbruce explained it at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, where the start-up took home the top prize, “information becomes an experience you can watch.” It functions sort of like a robot reading you Wikipedia entries, while you look at photos, but the whole thing is generated instantaneously. Apparently Saverin, who’s living in Singapore with Facebook stock now worth $2.5 billion, saw the video and decided to lead the round. Maybe he was enticed by Imbruce’s description that “the iPad app is better than sex.” (Memo to Imbruce: Ur doin’ it wrong.) We saw Zuckerberg’s old IMs, so we know Saverin was more at fault for the dissolution of their relationship than The Social Network made it appear. But we still feel compelled to encourage Saverin not to forget to read the contracts before signing with Qwiki. Otherwise your father won’t even look at you. Again. [TechCrunch]