Feathered Hussy Moves In on Pale Male


One of New York’s most notorious serial monogamists has moved on to another woman, the Post reports today. Pale Male, the hawk who has been patrolling Central Park for two decades now, has moved on from his eight-year mate, Lola, to his apparent fifth spouse, a much-younger bird with more colorful plumage. The new gal, also a red-tailed hawk, is guessed to be three or four years old and features “deep-brown feathers wrapping under her chin and onto the front of her neck.” One bird expert guesses that Lola, who has been missing for a month now, is probably dead — fallen victim to poisoned prey or another accident. But Pale Male didn’t wait around very long for his beloved. The new, as-yet-unnamed bird moved in on him only a week after Lola disappeared.

That apparently settles it. Among carnivorous birds of prey, there is no such thing as immortal love.

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