Fidel Castro Has an Opinion on the Arizona Shooting


In a column entitled "An Atrocious Act," Cuba's former leader offered his take on Saturday's shooting. Castro condemned accused gunman Jared Lee Loughner's actions, writing:

"Even those of us who don't share his (President Barack Obama's) political or philosophical ideas in the least sincerely hope that no children, judges, congressmen or any U.S. citizen should die in such an absurd and unjustifiable way."

But he also took the opportunity to take a jab at America's right wing, calling Giffords an enemy of the tea party for her position on immigration reform, stem-cell research, and alternative energy, "measures that are hated by the far right." Psst, Fidel, in case no one told you, we're actually trying to tone down the finger- (or crosshair-) pointing rhetoric and return to some measure of civility. At least for today.

Castro weighs in on Arizona shooting [CNN]