John Boehner Wants to Golf With Barack Obama


John Boehner recently turned down President Obama’s invitation to fly to Arizona together, and then he declined an invitation to a State dinner. But Boehner told Fox News Sunday today that Obama has not reached out to him much since he became the House’s 61st speaker. “He’s been busy with a lot of things,” Boehner said. However, the two men appear to have found a common ground: Boehner said he’d take President Obama up on his offer to play golf while talking over the nation’s debt problems. “Of course,” Boehner said. (Golf, by the way, is the same sport the RNC once criticized Obama for playing too much.) Still, Boehner quipped: “I’m sure I’ll have to give him strokes!” In any case, David Axelrod said last week that chances were good that Obama and the newly installed GOP speaker would play a round sometime soon as a way to start mending fences between the two parties. A noncompetitive coffee date would just have been too easy.

Speaker John Boehner says he’d be up for a round of golf [NYDN]