Has Everyone Noticed Andrew Cuomo Being Very Frugal?!?


“We will lead by example,” Andrew Cuomo said, when he announced he was cutting his own salary by 5 percent as part of his overall plan to reduce government spending. “Families and business owners in every corner of the state have learned to do more with less in order to live within their means, and government must do the same.” This wasn’t just talk, you know! In addition to his salary cut, Cuomo has since made other small but obvious sacrifices, such as allegedly insisting the room where he gave his State of the State speech be kept freezing cold, and requiring his girlfriend, Sandra Lee, to pay for her own transportation and bodyguards and to wear an old dress and shoes to his inauguration. He even moved back into his parents’ house! We sincerely hope that everyone has noticed and appreciated these small but meaningful gestures. Because it’s awfully cold for him to start wearing a barrel.