Homeless Man Awakened on Subway by Rat Crawling on His Face


Sometimes people will tell you, Oh ha ha ha, Intel Nitasha! Your fear of rats crawling on your face is so silly and irrational. Don’t be ridic, girl. LOL, they are not even interested in crawling all over your face and rubbing their disgusting greasy fur directly on your skin, perhaps brushing your lips along the way with a small clump of fur inserting itself, ever so slightly, directly into your mouth cavity. For real, no rodent has ever expressed the desire to thump their creepy extended-vertebral-column tail across your neck as they paralyze and terrify. If it helps, just think of them as urban squirrels. Do not listen to those people, because they are very wrong. Rats are not squirrels. And they most definitely want to accost you in all the ways you have always feared. Witness, for example, this rogue interloper who boarded a subway car, practically sprinted down the center, and then scurried between straphangers’ feet before waking up a sleeping man by running up his jacket, into his hood, and around his very face. Sure, the poor little four-legged creature seems sort of terrified and confused about how he got there, possibly mistaking the man’s coat hood for a nest. But still. Your paranoia? Consider it justified.

Subway Riding Rat Wakes Up Sleeping Man By Crawling Up His Face [NYC The Blog via Buzzfeed]