How Did You Spend Your Hangover?


By the looks of our Facebook feed, most people spent their New Year’s Eve digging into their Four Loko holiday stockpile, which meant a particularly brutal hangover weekend. Intel Nitasha spent her Saturday trying to replace depleted serotonin levels with Sentimental Romantic Independent Movies With a Strong Female Lead on Netflix. Like three of them. Consecutively. With a short break for tamales. Intel Chris had a Bloody Mary and watched the debut of the Oprah Winfrey Network “like, for hours.” Intel Dan watched DVR’d episodes of “the ethical dilemma seriesWhat Would You Do? either to feel morally superior or for a shared sense of misanthropy. And our friends at Vulture ate brunch, built a blanket fort, watched the entire fourth season of Skins, texted everyone they knew to drink leftover beers, passed out to Iron Man 2, and then got drunk again, although not collectively. Did you manage something more productive? Come on, people, let’s get this shame spiral rolling.