In Her Last Season, Oprah Is Getting a SISTUUUHHRR!


Man, someone’s pulling out all the stops. Oprah Winfrey just announced that she has a half-sister — one that has made it through 25 years of the nationally syndicated Oprah show without glomming onto her for her money! The sister was given up for adoption when she was an infant in 1963 and connected with Oprah only back in November. The pair met on Thanksgiving day. The talk show announced the news on today’s show, explaining that her new sibling, Patricia, had spent years trying to track down her birth mother. The woman learned of her famous half-sister in 2007 but apparently didn’t reach out until recently. Oprah was 9 when Patricia was born to her mother, but she was living with her father at the time and didn’t even know her mother had been pregnant.

Somewhere, Barbara Walters is kicking herself: You get her to cry about Gayle and you don’t even think to ask about any secret siblings? Stupid. Stupid!

Oprah Winfrey finds half-sister she never knew she had [USAT]