International Financial Conglomerate Thinks Fashion Is About to Get ‘True Grit’


Citigroup issued a trend report for spring 2011, and according to their financial expertise, everything's coming up True Grit. Roseanne Morrison, Citi's consultant from the Doneger Group, explains why we'll be wearing worn-in denim, fringe, and gingham prints.

"It's an ode to the western, and, of course, "True Grit" is our cultural reference here, one of the most-watched movies ... The whole western, open-range denim story has legs. I think it's going to be impactful to the consumer, because they're still into a very strong casual lifestyle business. And however it plays out, whether it's with gingham or denim, I think it resonates with the consumer."

Gingham or denim? No long braids, bulky overcoats, and lopped-off fingers? We're gonna go out and buy an eye patch just to be sure.

Citi: Everyone Is Going To Dress Like The Characters In "True Grit" In Just A Few Months [BI]