U.S. Not Invited to Tour Iran’s Nuclear Facilities


The Atomic Energy Agency has been locked in a tense standoff with the Iranian government over Iran’s enrichment of uranium, and plans to participate in a new round of negotiations with the Middle Eastern country in Istanbul at the end of this month. But the Iranian government has now invited several nations to visit its nuclear facilities before those negotiations are held, the Times reports today. European diplomats said the invitation was not likely to be accepted until after the next round of negotiations, if ever, and it’s unclear if the tour would include a visit to a controversial enrichment facility near Qum.

So who was invited? You know, everyone: Russia, China, members of the European Union, and so on. The U.S. would normally be included in such a group, as it negotiates with Iran, but — hmmm — seems to have been left off the guest list. State Department spokesperson P.J. Crowley said: “There’s no invitation in our in-box.” What a slap in the face.

Iran Invites Some Nations, Not U.S., for Nuclear Tour [NYT]