Is NYU Officially Five Times More Fun Than Columbia?


In 2009, there were 121 incidents at Coumbia of students being disciplined for on-campus drug use. During the same time period, a whopping 610 similar disciplinary actions took place at NYU. That’s five times as much busted drug use going on at the downtown campus than in Morningside Heights. At first glance, you might think to yourself, “Wow, NYU must be five times more fun than Columbia!” But get serious. That is a bad lesson for children, and also not what this number means at all. The disparity in drug-related disciplinary action just means that Columbia is more chill. They’re not all up in your dorm, sniffing under doors and checking your Ambien pill case for the mismatching little white pills branded with smiley faces. They’re just letting it ride, like cool parents do. They’d rather have you experimenting in their house than out on the streets of Harlem, you know?

That is, until the NYPD gets involved. Then they get all uptight for some reason.

Higher ed. for NYUers [NYP]