Jay Carney to Be Appointed Next White House Press Secretary


Just two years ago, Time Washington bureau chief Jay Carney was fending off criticism for jumping ship from the Fourth Estate to the liberal establishment. He left journalism after twenty years at Time to serve as communications director for Vice-President Joe Biden. Now he’ll be facing the biggest guns from his former media compatriots: ABC News reports that he’s President Obama’s choice to replace Robert Gibbs as White House Press Secretary. (An announcement on the promotion is expected this afternoon, which will also include the appointment of two new deputy chiefs of staff, White House health-reform guru Nancy-Ann DeParle and the director of scheduling, Alyssa Mastromonaco, among other third-year job shifts.) On a side note: This has to be an interesting day for Carney’s wife, Claire Shipman, who is a senior national correspondent for ABC News.

President Obama Taps Jay Carney for Press Secretary, DeParle and Mastromonaco as Deputy Chiefs of Staff [ABC News]