If Anyone Ever Saw Jimmy Cayne Wearing a Dress, It Was the First and Only Time


I haven’t been there for I don’t know how many years,” the former Bear Stearns CEO told Bloomberg News of the annual gathering of financial power brokers that is the Kappa Beta Phi induction dinner, which was held last week. Back in 1990, Cayne reportedly attended the dinner clad in “a wig, dress and high-heeled pumps” and recited an apparently quite prescient “poem about why good bridge players make lousy chief executives,” the news service reminded him. “It was harmless, and it was fun, and it was a good atmosphere,” the 76-year-old told the news service, adding that he “didn’t remember reading a poem about bridge or wearing a dress, and said he hadn’t worn one before and hasn’t since.”

Wall Street’s Secret Society Inducts Members With Lehman Video [Bloomberg]
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