Katie Couric and Barry Diller Thought It Would Be Cute to Fake Had a Snowmergency [Updated!]


Earlier today we put up a post joking that Katie Couric had staged an amusing photo op with IAC boss Barry Diller’s Maserati, which appeared to be stuck in the snow on 79th Street. But, as Couric informed us this afternoon, it was in fact a very real snowmergency! Couric was getting a ride to work with a friend in an SUV because of the road conditions, and they spotted the luxury car stuck in the snow along the side of the street. “Who would drive a Maserati in this snow?” her friend asked. “We drove by it, and we were like, ‘Oh, it’s Barry Diller,’” Couric recalled, dryly. “His Maserati is stuck on 79th. We were laughing with him.” Diller said, “I know, can you believe this?” And since they were the only people to stop to help him, he asked them to see if together they could push the car back out — but they didn’t have any luck. The reason this photo, with Couric alone pushing the car and Diller looking bemused, appears to be staged is because they took it after their real attempts. “My friend said, ‘Let me take a picture because this is such a funny scene,’” Couric explained. “We didn’t think it was cute to fake a snowmergency. He had to leave it there and get somebody to get it out.” Diller then asked them for a ride. So, good deeds all around. Katie helped Barry, and we unwittingly got one of the most beloved news anchors in America to say the word: snowmergency!

A Photo Of Katie Couric Pushing Barry Diller’s Maserati Out Of The Snow In Central Park [Videogum]