Kennedy Daughter Never Told Stalker, ‘Hey, Quit Being a Stalker’


Being a member of the Kennedy clan is generally great. You're wealthy, you're influential, you can watch the History Channel almost every day and say offhandedly, "Oh, there's pop-pop." One area where it's not so great is that you're automatically way more of a target for crazies than the average non-dynasty Joe. It's something even lesser members of the Kennedy family, people you barely even knew existed, have to deal with. For example, Tatiana Schlossberg, the 20-year-old daughter of Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg. Apparently a 41-year-old Pakistani immigrant named Naeem Ahmed has been stalking her for over two years. Reports the Daily News:

The office of Tatiana's father, designer Edwin Schlossberg, received more than 40 e-card greetings, phone calls and gifts for the young woman, a criminal complaint says.

In one October 2008 note sent with roses and balloons, Ahmed wrote, "Dearest Tatiana, I love you. Sincerely, Naeem."

In May 2009, he sent Tatiana Schlossberg more flowers and birthday wishes. Later that month, Ahmed sent Kennedy flowers and a note wishing her a happy Mother's Day, records show.

The messages grew creepier and more incoherent with time ....

One of the last e-greeting cards he sent before his arrest shows a montage of bare-skin photos, piano keys, champagne flutes and a bed strewn with rose petals, records show.

The card, which played piano music, read: "I know you, I know the feeling of you, I know your shape, your sound, your warmth, and your taste. I know you, and I know that I want you, and I need you. . . . Always." ....

In November 2009, Ahmed twice attempted to visit the Schlossbergs' home, but was rebuffed by a doorman and the family's bodyguard.

As delusional as his seduction campaign appears to be, Ahmed, speaking to the Daily News from jail, sounds totally reasonable about the whole thing.

"I spend a lot of money on flowers and chocolates, from $90 to $100 sometimes. If they did not want them, tell me, 'I don't want them,' " he said.

"They never told me to stop sending flowers and emails. If they had, I would have stopped."

Ugh, women, right? You pamper them with all these gifts they obviously enjoy, and then they turn around and call you a stalker. But, that's why we love them.

Drifter Naeem Ahmed accused of stalking Caroline Kennedy's 20-year-old daughter Tatiana Schlossberg [NYDN]