Where in the World Is Lindsay Lohan?


Lindsay Lohan was finally freed from rehab, the Post reported on Monday morning. “It’s a great day,” Dina Lohan told E!. And it was. This time around, we thought, Lindsay’s going to get clean for good. She’d quietly leave rehab, avoid the paparazzi, and stay sober while still managing to look flawless, we imagined. 2011 was Lindsay’s year. Alas, there’s already some controversy: “I didn’t leave [rehab],” Lohan told Gossip Cop Monday afternoon. “[I’m] going to the gym.” Oh. Well, the Betty Ford Center gym, the outside world … who can tell the difference? Then, but two hours later, People reported that Lohan really left rehab. Who knows if it’s true? The takeaway here: She’s been maybe out of rehab for a couple of hours, and she’s already managed to confuse and surprise us yet again. Some things, it seems, really never change. [Gossip Cop, People]