Male Model Admits to Killing Journalist Boyfriend


Warning: This story keeps getting uglier and uglier. After screaming “I’m not gay anymore,” 20-year-old male model Renato Seabra admitted to police that he brutally tortured his boyfriend, the 65-year-old Portuguese fashion journalist Carlos Castro, for more than an hour in a fancy midtown hotel. His goal was “to get rid of the demons, to get rid of the virus,” he said, which unsurprisingly has left investigators confused (the “virus” he was referring to was not HIV). After abusing Castro in their shared hotel room at the InterContinental Hotel in Times Square, he knocked him unconscious with a computer monitor and then gouged his eye with a corkscrew. He then used the same device to castrate Castro. Seabra is in police custody and under sedation at Bellevue hospital.

InterContinental ‘killer’ confesses to castrating dead journalist [NYP]
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