Marty Peretz Testified on Behalf of New Republic Fantasist Stephen Glass


An interesting tidbit appears in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine profile of Marty Peretz, the tempestuous nominal editor-in-chief and owner of the New Republic. Turns out that when Stephen Glass, the TNR reporter who humiliated the magazine when he was caught inventing at least two dozen articles out of whole cloth, went on to try to become a lawyer, Peretz actually helped him out:

Glass eventually went to law school. Later, he moved to Los Angeles, and applied to the California bar, but his application was denied because of his previous ethical lapses. He requested an appeal hearing. Charles Lane, The New Republic’s editor during part of Glass’s tenure, was subpoenaed and asked to offer testimony. In April, he made the trip to Los Angeles for the hearing and ran into a familiar face. Lane did a double take.

Well, presumably, they were lawyers and judges. Right?

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