Republican Congresswoman Caught in Saucy ‘Photo Scandal’


A photo has emerged showing Republican Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack in a sexy pose with a female campaign donor playfully licking her breast. The 49-year-old has represented California's 45th congressional district in Congress since 1998, following the sudden death of her husband Sonny Bono. (Yes, the Sonny Bono.) The woman apparently licking Representative Mack in the picture, Edra Blixseth, is a former billionaire under criminal investigation by the FBI in regards to fraudulent representations she made about her financial worth to several banks.

Gossip website obtained the photo, which was taken at an "out-of-control event" four years ago. One source at the party told Radar: "Mary was partying hard ... She was blitzed and clearly having a great time." Wait a second, this is what happens at Republican fund-raising events? It all makes sense now.

Certainly, Mrs. Mack is free to have her breasts licked by whomever she wants without judgment or fear of political consequences. But, the local Sky Valley Chronicle describes Mack, who is married, as "a family values lawmaker," and the photo is at odds with her public image. The Huffington Post points out that partying with a woman at the center of a criminal investigation could also have negative consequences for the politician. In any case, Mack now joins a Hall of Fame of politicians with Internet- and sex-related "scandals" that includes Krystal Ball, Christine O'Donnell, and Aaron Schock.

Incidentally, only a week ago Mack wrote a blog post on the Hill in support of an unregulated Internet. She explained:

The Internet is a bright spot for our struggling economy and functioning just fine without what amounts to a federal pat-down of the inner workings of the Internet. Sadly, this is not the FCC's first attempt to regulate the Internet. For years, my colleagues and I - primarily Republicans but also some Democrats - have introduced legislation and written to the FCC asking the commission to cease attempts to regulate the Internet unless given the clear authority to do so by Congress. At its core, the FCC’s plan to regulate the Internet will force businesses and people to check first with the government and get permission to innovate.

Really putting her money where her mouth is now.

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