Far More Republicans Liked Obama’s Response to Tucson Than Palin’s


Dick Cheney may still be predicting that President Obama will lose his reelection bid, but Obama has rebounded quickly from his midterm shellacking of two months ago and now boasts his highest approval rating since last April — 54 percent, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll. That’s up five points in a month, a bump attributable to a surprisingly successful lame-duck session and his widely praised response to the Tucson massacre. An overwhelming 78 percent of Americans approve of how Obama handled the shooting in Tucson, including 71 percent of Republicans. In comparison, fewer than half of Republicans appreciated Sarah Palin’s response, demonstrating once again the limited appeal of her strategy of perpetual self-victimization.

Poll shows high marks for Obama on Tucson, low regard for political dialogue [WP]