Man Arrested for Alleged Plot to Attack a Detroit Mosque


Roger Stockham, a 63-year-old ex-Army veteran from California, was arrested earlier this week after allegedly driving to Detroit’s largest mosque in an explosive-filled car, planning an apparent terrorist attack. His plan was foiled: While drinking at a Detroit bar, Stockham reportedly bragged about the idea, so an employee followed him outside, wrote down his license plate, and called the police. Local cops found Stockham inside his car, outside the Islamic Center of America, with a load of explosives. Inside the mosque, more than 500 members were gathered for a funeral at the time. He is now being held on felony charges. On his MySpace page, Stockham recently said, “Proud of my kids. Happy with how much I’ve lived. Ready for it to be over, but have a policy I contend with often: So long as I am alive, I can’t play dead.”

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