Netflix Made Some Nerds Very Angry Today


Jamie Odell, Netflix’s director of product management, announced today that it’s removing the “Add to DVD queue” option from all devices where you can stream content, like the iPhone and PS3. From now on, that button will be available only on The decision, meant to deter DVD orders, was part of Netflix’s transformation from a mail-order DVD company into a streaming-video site. “We’re doing this so we can concentrate on offering you the titles that are available to watch instantly,” wrote Odell, who probably anticipated some outcry from postal service enthusiasts and early-adopting gadget geeks. What Netflix might not have counted on: subscribers using the comments section to vent about the quality of its streaming content. “I suggest using your ‘resources’ to bolster the quality of your streaming titles and get all that B-movie crap off the service,” wrote one anonymous commenter. Another put it more succinctly: “your streaming selection SUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKSSSS.” Indeed, studios and networks who were once content to offer their programming to the happy-go-lucky start-up are now filled with regret that they created a monster, opting to extend wait times and charging higher fees to renew deals already in place in order to make Netflix’s online content less appealing for consumers and more expensive for Netflix to provide. Speaking of, in case you haven’t checked your Instant Queue in a while, after Friday, you will no longer be able to stream Shannen Dougherty extending her acting range (from Beverly Hills bitch to Jersey bitch) in Mallrats.

Netflix Enrages Subscribers By Limiting DVD Queue [PaidContent]
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