Note: When Using Fake Bills, Do Not Keep Them in Your Underwear


Michael Lewis and his friend Orville Stacy came up with an ingenious scheme. They printed a bunch of counterfeit $20 bills and went around to midtown shops, making small purchases such as chips, guacamole, a protein bar, and a can of soda and receiving real money as change. They must have used a great printer and have good tactile sense, because the plan worked at four stores. Unfortunately, like most people who appear in the Post's crime log, they made a fatal tactical error: Michael was keeping the fake money in his underwear. Going in and out of stores and in between pulling a wad out of your pants raises questions, such as "What, is that guy a male stripper who didn't have time to change?" and the cops eventually pulled the duo over to see what was what.

After the last stop, a Subway sandwich shop, cops stopped the men and examined the bills in Lewis' pants — and noticed they had missing watermarks and incorrect coloring, sources said.

They were slapped with criminal possession of a forged instrument and other charges.

Lesson learned: Never keep your forged instruments next to your instrument.

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