Nude Housekeeper on Trial for Killing Client


Sometimes when a man comes to clean a man’s house and one of them gets a little frisky, it’s hilarious, as in the David Sedaris story “Blood Work.” Sometimes when it happens, it’s sexy, like in adult male films with names like At Your Service, Mop & Gro, and The Swiffer Wet Jet. And sometimes when it happens, somebody ends up dead. That’s what happened when Thomas Cordero showed up years ago at the home of John Conley to clean his house. Cordero, 41, had advertised his services as a “naked housekeeper” on the gay escort site But when Conley, 50, started to initiate a sexual encounter, Cordero stabbed him to death. “He wanted to get down to business,” Cordero told police, claiming the client grabbed the knife first and wouldn’t let him go. “I felt threatened, so I grabbed the knife from him and hit him in the back of the head.” He took $40 from the victim’s wallet and then fled. It was a gruesome tragedy, for which Cordero is finally on trial facing 25 to life, and one which could have been so easily avoided. “He wanted to see my body,” Cordero explained, as if it was the simplest thing in the world. “It’s because I have a nice ass.”

Nude housekeeper on trial for murdering paralegal for getting ‘too rough’ during steamy tryst [NYDN]