Phew, Our Kennedy-less Congress May Only Last Two Years


When any elected office opens up in the Northeast, the first order of business is finding the nearest Kennedy and trying to force him or her to run for it. Usually, they oblige. It’s unclear yet whether Ted Kennedy’s son, attorney Ted Kennedy Jr., is interested in running for Joe Lieberman’s Connecticut Senate seat once the old hound dog retires in 2012, but people are obviously already discussing the possibility. “Why wouldn’t he be interested in the seat?” a Kennedy insider tells the Boston Herald. “He is his father’s son.” Exactly. He’s a Kennedy. This is just what they do, innately, the way a beaver just knows he’s supposed to gather up sticks and make a house because he is a beaver. In fact, when Rhode Island congressman Patrick Kennedy’s term ended earlier this month, it marked the first time since 1947 that no Kennedy was serving as a congressman, senator, or president. Experts are unsure whether American government can even operate without a Kennedy’s guidance at this point, but if a national nightmare is to ensue, at least Ted Jr. can make it a short one by winning in 2012.

Ted K’s son may be eyeing Lieberman’s seat in Conn. [Boston Herald]