Playboy Catalogue Will Be Available on the iPad — Uncensored


Like all other people who exclusively wear turtlenecks, Steve Jobs is really anti-porn. Well, that’s not necessarily true. He’s against having porn on the iPad, his precious rectangle of light and goodness. It’s about children, he says. (Presumably it also has something to do with the touch-screen technology — but that doesn’t make for good sound bite, now does it?) Apparently, however, after testing out a nudity-free app for the magazine Playboy for less than half a year, he’s willing to make some concessions. It seems, wait for it, people aren’t just reading Playboy for the articles. Hugh Hefner tweeted today that the entire catalogue of current and archived editions of his magazine will be available on the iPad starting in March. Uncensored.

Of course, you can already download the entire catalogue from the Internet onto your computer (for $300) but since iPads don’t support Microsoft Silverlight, you can’t download it directly onto that particular device. Gizmodo wonders whether this means Playboy will be available through Apple’s new iPad subscription service. That could be, or it may just mean that Playboy will make it easier to download the catalogue from the Internet to your iPad, thus allowing Steve Jobs to still maintain his porn-free streak when it comes to apps.

Playboy catalog coming to the iPad in March. Uncensored. [Apple Headlines]