Queens Woman Good at Acting, Bad at Kidnapping


Michelle Marie Gopaul, an aspiring actress, really wanted a baby. So she concocted an elaborate plan to get one, first by moving to Toronto and telling everyone back home she was pregnant. Then she placed an ad saying she was auditioning children to "star" in a Bollywood movie. Several couples turned up, including a couple called the Patels, who brought their baby daughter. Her plan, it seemed, was working! Then it kind of fell apart.

Gopaul cooed over the child, then asked if she could take her to a private room to see how she reacted to strangers, the parents told investigators.

Gopaul then sneaked out a back door and whisked the child away in a cab.

She ordered the cabby, Jaswinder Singh, to step on the gas and run red lights.
"I refused and told her that she was out of her mind," Singh told the Toronto Star.

Sigh. When will people learn that telling the cab driver to step on it only works in the movies?

Queens actress in 'baby swipe' [NYP]